Japanese Translation! (Free Version, v3.0)

Boy Problems (v3.0, free version) is now available in Japanese! Thanks to a kind volunteer on Twitter, the free version is now available to a wider audience. This includes the art revision and updated character sheet, but excludes the sample session and Legacy systems.

This is the first translation of any of my games now available, and I hope to keep trying to add more! (There might be one for Black Heart in the future...)

I am not updating the free English demo version (v1.2) of Boy Problems to the (v3.0) version at this time. That will happen with the release of the B-Side update/expansion in early Fall.


boyproblems_charactersheet_v3.0_japanese.pdf 245 kB
Aug 13, 2020
boyproblems_ttrpg_v3.0_japanese.pdf 49 MB
Aug 13, 2020

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