Tome of Knowledge Launch & Game Update

Did you know has a devlog feature that I have ignored up until now? Well now I do and here is an update!

This is a major update for Black Heart which includes the new book: The Tome of Knowledge. This is a world-building and session guide, this will help new game masters set up their world and run their first sessions of the game. This guide also gives helpful tips to running a game, three sample storylines to run, a canonical world that the session could take place in, and some small ties to the world of Boy Problems.

In addition to this: there are small tweaks to the game, some fixes, and an adjusted character sheet (that will receive another update soon!)

This update has been in the works for awhile and is created with the help of all Patreon backers. Black Heart is now feature complete, but will be seeing more updates as more playtests occur. In addition: keep an eye out for updates and news on "In Case of An Emergency", a hack of Black Heart's rules that swap out cults for the paranormal. Playing as office workers trapped in their own building, explore an ever shifting and strange world to figure out what as gone wrong so you can escape. Inspired by Control and The SCP Foundation!


blackheart_book_v1.3.pdf 169 MB
Apr 30, 2020
blackheart_book_v1.3_bw.pdf 49 MB
Apr 30, 2020
blackheart_charactersheet_v1.1.pdf 326 kB
Apr 30, 2020
blackheart_tomeofknowledge_v1.1.pdf 6 MB
Apr 30, 2020

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hell yes i have been eagerly awaiting