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It's almost time to get the crew back together...

Featuring heists from Kate Gray, Seb Pines, and original designer Colin Cummings.

Also featuring brand new illustrations from Ariana Tomcsak, Emma Embur, and Lina Wu.

(like, August 31 at the LATEST)

Get Boy Problems Side-B

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hey! Me again, just checking in to see if there was maybe an update? 🥺🥺I’m prolly more excited about this than I care to admit lol. Hope all is well!

Thank you for checking in! If I was to give it a percentage, we're at about 92%! For a few reasons development has just been a slooooow process. It'll be out very very soon though and I'll be doing a postmortem blog post going into the how and why it took so long.  😅


all good!! Writing my own game at the moment. The process is real yo lol <3

Hey I was curious if everything was okay? Last update said august 31st. <3 

It is! Well - my apartment lost power for five days at the end of the month which put a dent in my development plans. But we're wrapping things up now!

oh my goodness!! I hope you’re okay (relatively speaking at least. And non relatively!!) I apologize if my comment seemed short it wasn’t meant as such I was genuinely curious (though intent and reality are different things…. I’m rambling now. At any rate apologies <3  


all is well now! and no problemo! considering I said August 31 "AT THE LATEST" and it is now 12 days after that, a check-in is warranted. :p
(and thank you for checking-in in such a polite and nice way!)